Type of Weave/ Looms:

Plain, Twill, Herring Bone, Jacquard, Dobby, Drop box to coordinated with international color/concepts/designs. The width of fabric ranges from 36” to 108”

Duration of development:

2 weeks for oven printed articles from the date of receipt of art works, 3 weeks in case of special fabrics printing and other embellishment, hand embroideries Jacquard woven etc.,

Production Delivery Order:

Based on fabric and quality of normal delivery lead time is 60 – 75 days and 45 days for repeat orders.


We strictly adhere to buyer’s test necessities and make every effort to make certain that our products are of acceptable standards to MTL testing Labs, SGS India or Acts as required by the eventual buyers.

Quality Control:

The products are produces packed as per the international AQL quality requirement from the customers. In house quality checks are performed at various production levels.

Labeling & Package:

All products are labeled as per buyer’s demand which include UPC, SKU DPCI wash care instructions. Law labels if any and packed according to customer specifications which include stiffeners, photo inserts, Special poly vinyl bags hangers etc., individually and assorted.